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Bicentennial Commemoration!


Pathere.org is for us, let's make the difference!

our journey

PATHere.org is a new and vibrant organization, founded in the last quarter of 2019. Then, people from different parts of Peru, who are also residents or citizens of the United States of America, came together to form a local organization to serve the Peruvian-American community.  Our journey has been challenging due to COVID-19 and its devastating effects on our communities, here and abroad. The pandemic has forced us to be more resourceful and find new ways to achieve our objectives.  (read more)


PATHere.org’s vision is to develop educational, social, and cultural programs to help Peruvian-Americans succeed in the United States of America, and to celebrate Peru’s cultural treasures and heritage.


PATHere.org is a volunteer organization founded on the basis of service, humanity, equality, and support. PATHere.org aims to serve the Peruvian-American community by providing cultural, social advocacy, and educational programs or resources. The organization seeks to promote Peru’s culture, history, traditions, and heritage through social media and/or social gatherings. It also strives to foster friendship, solidarity, and support among its members. PATHere.org looks to develop connections with other groups and institutions that advance similar organizational objectives.



Our Board Members

Benedicta Leon – President



Anjanette Velazco – Vice-President


Teresa Rauscher – Treasurer



Laura Paine- Secretary





Our Committees

Educational Services

Teresa Rauscher – Director

Pilar Maravi – Director

Email: educational@pathere.org 


Social Media

Beatriz Alvarado – Director

Email: social.media@pathere.org

Social & Cultural Services

Maria Hollenshead – Director

Email: social.cultural@pathere.org 




Zenaida Maravi – Director

Anjanette Velazco – Director

Email: bicentenario@pathere.org


Jenny Sibel – Director

Email: event.development@pathere.org 

Contact us


    P.O. Box 1122
    Bryn Mawr, PA 19010

    Contact us

    Phone: (888) 214-9351 or (484)877-0413
    Email: admin@pathere.org

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