Membership in is available to any person who commits to respect, to support, and to promote the mission and objectives of the organization.    Membership is open to all individuals regardless of age, gender, sexual orientation, color, race, ethnic group, national origin, political affiliation, religion or disability.

Benefits of members

Members are entitled to:

  1. Apply to a leadership position in the organization.
  2. Vote rights to elect members of the board of directors.
  3. Place an advertisement of your professional services in the format and space designated  in the website of the organization.
  4. Obtain discounts for services and/or events organized by and /or discounts offered by members on their professional services.
  5. Receive an annualy letter identifying the tax deductible amount that was contributed to the organization.
  6. Other benefits established by the board of directors.

Responsibilities of members

Members shall be responsible to:

  1. Support and promote the mission and objectives of the organization.
  2. Participate in the activities and meetings of the organization.
  3. Pay the annual membership fees.
  4. Respect the rules of good conduct when participating in virtual and physical meetings.
  5. Use the services, activities, etc. of the organization, such as the Website, Instagram, and Facebook page, available to the service and benefit of the group and community in general.  The use of these resources will be governed by following standards of respect established by the organization.
  6. Other responsibilities established by the directors and approved by the members of the board of directors.

Membership fees

Membership Type Annual Fee
Family, including children under 18 years old

The Directors of reserve the right to confer honorary membership to an individual or organization. This type of membership shall be conferred by special and unanimous proclamation of the Directors in recognition of the exceptional results and/or services of said individual or organization in furtherance of the mission and objectives of

Membership Period

The membership period begins on January 1st and ends on December 31st of the same year. Membership payment covers this period

Membership Termination

Membership in will terminate due to non-payment of the membership fee. A member can end their membership at any time. Membership may be terminated by the Directors of the Board of Directors for a justified reason. Good cause includes actions against the objectives of the organization. Membership termination must be approved by a two-thirds majority of the Directors of the Board of Directors.

Membership Application

To become a member of a person must meet the following requirements:

1. Fill out the online application below and click the submit button. The application will be processed by the Secretary.

2. Make the payment by check to and send it to: P.O.Box 1122 Bryn Mawr, PA 19010, or pay online using the application Venmo.

The Board of Directors reserves the right to designate a Board member to interview the membership candidate. - Membership Application

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