In the field of social services our lines of action are borne in two pillars:

– Social Action

– Social Awareness

Social Action:

The main objective is to offer information and orientation services to the Peruvian-American community or other Latin American immigrants about existing resources in areas, such as legal, labor, medical, educational, and others. will offer these social action services through conferences, publications, consultation with experts, and, as needed, by coordinating services with relevant agencies in our social service network.

Social Awareness: will provide assistance, directly or indirectly, in emergencies affecting our Peruvian-American communities in the USA or in Peru as feasible, by providing support and coordinating services through the network of institutions and professionals in applicable specialties.

Through these actions, seeks to raise social awareness about the specific needs of our Peruvian-American community, and to preserve and disseminate our rich Peruvian heritage.

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