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María Maraví-Hollenshead

Founder member of


María Maraví-Hollenshead, Peruvian-American sociologist from the Universidad Femenina del Sagrado Corazón (UNIFE), Social and Cultural Committee Director of Peruvian Americans Together Here (, with more than 39 years of volunteer community work experience. She has used her multicultural expertise to promote the Latinx community locally and regionally. MMH’s dedication to civic engagement and service began in organizations such as ACLAMO, the Food Bank and Red Cross in Montgomery County, Pennsylvania. Concurrent to her community work, she undertook personal entrepreneurial initiatives.

Her strong commitment to the Latinx community and particularly to the Peruvian community of Philadelphia began while doing professional social work (SCOH) in the Department of Family Service at the Hispanic Council of Philadelphia. Throughout these transformational experiences she gained more awareness on how to serve the Peruvian and Latinx community more efficiently.  She partnered with the National Peruvian American Association, Inc. (ANPA INC.) and served in the position of Public Relations Director. Over time, it led to her appointment as a Council member of the Board (miembro del Consejo de Consulta) of the General Consulate of Peru in Paterson New Jersey.  While serving as a member of the CCCP (Concejo de Consulta del Consulado Peruano) MMH coordinated and executed the II International Convention of Members of the Consultative Council of Peru held in New Jersey. MMH contribute with ANPA INC. in the “Focal Point” (Punto Focal) project to develop coordinated efforts with the Hispanic Council of Philadelphia and the General Consulate of Perú in Paterson New Jersey, to extend consulate services to the areas far from the consular office. MMH took the initiative of becoming available managing a 24/7 hotline for the Peruvian community in Pennsylvania and South Jersey. The “Focal Point” (Punto Focal) had a great impact due to its excellent performance in consular documentary procedures and therefore many Peruvians benefited from this service.

MMH, also contributes organizing the yearly venue and reception of Latino Cancer Support Group, MORIVIVI, in the Women’s Day celebration, which was attended by approximately 40 patients.

Internationally, MMH has donated to the Kuña Rory Women’s Agricultural Committee of Caaguazú, Paraguay. Her contribution supports small rural female-led business in advancing their already stablished “Casa de Dulces” business. MMH has helped them to gain Independence to support their families; her contribution has enabled them to purchase cows, to provide food and nutrition, and finance community initiatives.

MMH passion for community service over the last decade has evolved into promoting Peru’s rich cultural heritage. She remains a strong advocate of the Peruvian-American community.

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