We are very proud of our Peruvian culture. It is multifaceted and difficult to address in a single way. To talk about our Peruvian culture is like trying to explain infinity because there is just so much to say, to show and to share with the world about it.

We think that a good way to present our Peruvian culture, beyond merely focusing on our ancient history, is to examine the riches of all our regions, including our native populations, our indigenous languages, as well as our customs, myths, legends and beliefs.

Peru is blessed with some of the greatest biodiversity in the world. Its geography creates multiple climates, which in turn, endow it with unique landscapes and an immense variety of flora and fauna.

This diversity does not end with Peru’s flora and fauna. The varied waves of migration throughout our history have produced a vibrant cultural diversity, best evidenced in our amazing gastronomy, which is rightfully celebrated around the world.

Peruvian culture is a proud product of the initial mixture of the ancestral indigenous knowledge, arts and sciences and those of the Spanish civilization that resulted in a rich tapestry with splendorous results: a mestizo culture with a varied, sumptuous and complex national literature, ceramics, painting, music, dance, and cinematography. Peruvian culture has continued to evolve and integrate other groups, among them Chinese, Japanese, Europeans, and Africans, which have further diversified and enriched our heritage.

That is why we Peruvians feel committed to ensuring the preservation, development, and dissemination around the globe of our Peruvian culture.

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