Orchids of Moyobamba, San Martín, Perú

Moyobamba is the capital city of the San Martín region in northern Perú. It is located in the upper part of the Amazon basin at 2,820 feet (860 meters). Although native orchids can grow in almost all world environments, they grow abundantly in humid forests such as Moyobamba. This privilege is celebrated every year with the Festival de la Orquídea, Orchid Festival, with the participation of regional commercial growers.
Waqanki Refuge for Birds and Orchids, close to Moyobamba, is a natural rainforest area where the harmonious association of orchids and hummingbirds, their main pollinators, can be admired. This type of pollination is essential for the production of thousands of seeds, and thus for orchids conservation. Orchids have been admired in Perú since Pre-Columbian times, and they continue to adorn many places along the Andes. In fact, a large orchid species collection can be seen at the Inka Terra Macchu Picchu Pueblo Hotel..

The following sources contain information on Peruvian orchids:

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