PATHere.org is a non-profit organization created in Pennsylvania in 2020 by a group of Peruvian-Americans. We are united by an altruistic desire to provide as feasible assistance and a variety of essential services to the Peruvian community.

In PATHere.org all of us have experienced first hand the challenges, difficulties, and sacrifices that all immigrants face when they move to the USA. We know well, just to name a few, how difficult it is to adapt to a new society and to learn the language, how frustrating it can be to find information about educational and employment opportunities, how challenging it is to find consular help or information, or how to network with Peruvian communities. Our members are professionals in different areas as well as successful entrepreneurs sharing the common vision and mission of helping the Peruvian community to navigate those challenges and difficulties by providing orientation, information, advocacy, resources, and organizing cultural events.


PATHere.org is a new and vibrant organization, it was founded in the last quarter of 2019. Then, people from different parts of Peru, who are also residents or citizens of the United States of America, came together to form a local organization to serve the Peruvian-American community. Our journey has been challenging due to COVID-19 and its devastating effects on our communities, here and abroad. The pandemic has forced us to be more resourceful and find new ways to achieve our objectives. Thanks to the organizational talent, diverse and extensive background of our members, thus far, we have secured our 501 (c) (3) nonprofit status, elected our first Board of Directors, and set up our social media presence via Facebook, Instagram, and our PATHere.org website. Now, we are focusing our efforts on developing a virtual program to commemorate Peru’s Bicentennial Independence Day in July 2021 and implementing our social, cultural and educational programs. This journey brings us together. PATHere.org has attracted individuals with extensive community advocacy and planning background, nonprofit, academic and business experience, and with concern for our families and friends here and in Peru. Join our journey, PATHere.org, and we shall make a difference.

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